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Uh Oh. . . Bad Weekend for Big Ten Wrestling

published3 months ago
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The first weekend of college wrestling started with a bang. These are the top stories you may have missed.

  • Story 1: Big Ten Struggles in Opening Weekend
  • Story 2: Will Ridge Lovett Wrestle?
  • Story 3: These Freshmen Aren't Playing

Big Ten Teams Get Beat Up

Two top-20 teams, Wisconsin & Nebraska, lost this weekend.

First, #25 North Dakota State defeated #14 Nebraska (20-16). ND State's best wrestler, Franek (157) may have lost to Robb, but the team still rallied. The ultimate nail-in-the-coffin was Ridge Lovett not wrestling (more on that later). Also notable, Carr beat Hamiti (165) by a 7-5 decision.

The next major upset happened with #13 Iowa State pummeling #10 Wisconsin (26-6). It was a shellacking! Look at these upsets: Terukina over Barnett (125), Swiderski over Zargo (141), Johnson over Gomez (159), and Schuyler over Hillger (285).

My Take:

I expected upsets in the first weekend of the season. I'm not too shaken by the ND State win, but I am impressed by Iowa State. The Cyclones are on a mission.

Will Ridge Lovett Wrestle?

Because Ridge Lovett did not wrestle in the ND State dual, the Corn Huskers lost.

Naturally, media asked why he didn't wrestle and Head Coach Mark Manning confirmed that the 149 lbs NCAA finalist will redshirt this year.

My Take:

Wow. I was actually expecting Lovett to drop down to 141 lbs this year. But, I guess redshirtting is a better option. Without Yianni at the top of the weight next year, 149 opens up dramatically.

These Freshmen Aren't Playing

These freshmen put the wrestling world on watch with some upsets this weekend:

  • Casey Swiderski (ISU) over #11 Joe Zargo (WISC)
  • #24 Paniro Johnson (ISU) over #2 Austin Gomez (WISC)
  • Jesse Mendez (OSU) over #5 Lucas Byrd (ILL)
  • Caleb Henson (TECH) won the Southeast Open
  • Mac Stout (PITT) won the Clarion Open

My Take:

With the mass exodus of seniors, I knew it was only time for the new guys to step up. For me, Jesse Mendez's win has the biggest implications because it shows that Ohio State is contending for the title this year.

You can watch his match on FloWrestling.

🚨 Upset Alert:

These are my top-3 upsets of the weekend.

  1. Johnson Paniro over #2 Austin Gomez (9-4)
  2. Jesse Mendez over #5 Lucas Byrd (3-2)
  3. ND State over Nebraska (20-16)

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