Stop Underestimating Northwestern

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You're underestimating Northwestern this season, but you shouldn't. Don't forget, this team qualified all 10 guys for NCAAs last year and finished 6th.

So let's dive into the Wildcats' 2023 lineup. . .

Who's Returning & Leaving?

Northwestern is losing only one notable wrestler. This happens to be 2022 NCAA Champion Ryan Deakin; so, that's a shame.

However, look at the stats on the returners:

  • 9 NCAA qualifiers
  • 4 NCAA placers
  • 5 guys ranked in the top 10
  • Only 2 seniors

Dual Team or Tournament Team?

Last year Northwestern finished 7-4 in dual meets. They won only 50% of their Big Ten duals (4 of 8). Yet they still finished top 6th overall at NCAAs.

I do not think Northwestern can beat Ohio State, Iowa, or Penn State in duals. But, they could compete against Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Minnesota. At the end of the day, this is a "tournament team," and that's what matters most, right?

2023 Lineup Preview

Here's how I expect the team to look in 2023:

  • 125. Michael DeAugustino (4th)
  • 133. Chris Cannon (7th)
  • 141. Frankie Tal-Shahar (NQ)
  • 149. Yahya Thomas (NQ)
  • 157. Trevor Chumbley / Maxx Mayfield
  • 165. David Ferrante (NQ)
  • 174. Troy Fisher (NQ)
  • 184. Jack Jessen (NQ)
  • 197. Andrew Davison (NQ)
  • 285. Lucas Davison (6th)

What to Expect

Again, this is a tournament team.

Northwestern can realistically crank out 5 All-Americans. Cannon, DeAugustino, and Lucas Davison will be competitive. Yahya should make the stand once more, while Tal-Shahar has a breakout season at his open weight class.

This puts them in contention as a top 10 team.

Question of the day: how many of NW's guys qualify again this year?

Josiah Hritsko

Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling

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