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Recap: Best Wrestlers at Super 32 Challenge Event

published4 months ago
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The Super 32 Challenge kicked off the high school wrestling preseason. Here's what you missed in wrestling headlines. . .

  • Story 1: Super 32 Recap
  • Story 2: Quincy Monday's Weight Revealed
  • Story 3: Trent Hidlay Gets a Hoagie

Super 32 Results

Here's a look at the results and top college at the Super 32 event.


  • 106. Castillo DEC Mendoza (3-2)
  • 113. Bassett DEC Knox (10-5)
  • 120. Lilledahl DEC Raney (5-4)
  • 126. Davino DEC Gibson (3-1 SV)
  • 132. Lemley DEC Mantanona (13-8)
  • 138. Duke MD Bouzakis (21-8)
  • 145. Gilcher DEC Dalton (6-5)
  • 152. Lockett DEC Watters (3-1)
  • 160. Blaze DEC Ruiz (6-5)
  • 170. Welsh DEC Lamer (6-5)
  • 182. Rogotzke DEC Naaktgeboren (6-4)
  • 195. Correa FOR Sinclair
  • 220. Walters DEC Russo (5-1)
  • 285. Ferrell DEC Fockler (7-2)

Full results on FloWrestling.

Top College at Super 32:

Future Michigan recruits dominated at the HS tournament, outpacing Purdue, Stanford, Virginia Tech, and Ohio State recruits.

Here's are results from University of Michigan's class of 2023 recruits:

  • 1st. Sergio Lemley (132)
  • 1st. Dylan Gilcher (145)
  • 1st. Hayden Walters (220)
  • 2nd. Brock Mantanona (132)
  • 6th. Cam Catrabone (138, class of '24)

My Take:

Expect to hear many of these names in the future of college wrestling. Just look back at past Super 32 brackets with Nick Suriano, Zain Retherford, and Kyle Snyder.

One guy I'm personally watching is PA's Bo Bassett, who I think could be the next Spencer Lee.

Monday Flip-Flops Weights

Princeton's Quincy Monday will wrestle David Carr at 165 lbs for the NWCA All-Star Classic, then he will drop back down to last year's weight at 157 (as per Christian Pyles / Twitter).

My Take:

I'm not sure if this was Monday's plan all along, but can you blame him? This is a good move for 3 reasons:

  1. 165 lbs is loaded
  2. He's a returning 157 lbs NCAA finalist
  3. He may be too small for 165

"Hoagie Boy" Gets a Sandwich

In partnership with Mitch's Tavern (Raleigh, NC), Trent "Hoagie Boy" Hidlay released his very own menu item.

The "Hidlay Hoagie" is a turkey sandwich with pepper jack cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeño jam.

My Take:

Yum! This is a perfect partnership that capitalizes on Trent's hilarious "hoagie boy" nickname, while being an ingenious NIL deal for NC State locals (like me).

You better believe I'm trying this sandwich soon. . .

🤼‍♂️ Also Newsworthy:

What did you think about this week's headlines?

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