Penn's Lineup is Totally Stacked

published9 months ago
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The University of Pennsylvania's 2023 lineup may be one of the most stacked in the EIWA.

Let's dive in. . .

Who's Returning & Leaving?

Brace yourself, because UPenn is returning 9 National qualifiers! This includes the young All-American CJ Composto (141).

The only starter who left was senior Neil Antrassian. With a winning record last season, he will be missed. Expect junior John Stout to step into 184 lbs in his stead.

Who Makes the Podium?

In the preseason, UPenn has nine guys ranked in Intermat's top 25. Four of those guys are in, what I call, prime All-American position (ranked in the top 12):

  • #9 Michael Colaiocco (125)
  • #4 CJ Composto (133)
  • #11 Anthony Artalona (149)
  • #10 Doug Zapf (157)

Composto, of course, placed, and Artalona made the bloodround. And with all of the superseniors gone, it will be these guys' time to shine.

Another note: With the addition of Jordan Burroughs to their RTC, I expect to see the upperweights improve to level the success of the lowerweights.

2023 Lineup Preview

Here's how I expect the team to look in 2023:

  • 125. Ryan Miller (NQ)
  • 133. Michael Colaiocco (NQ)
  • 141. CJ Composto (8th)
  • 149. Anthony Artalona (R12)
  • 157. Doug Zapf (NQ)
  • 165. Lucas Revano (NQ)
  • 174. Nick Incontrera (NQ)
  • 184. John Stout
  • 197. Cole Urbas (NQ)
  • 285. Ben Goldin (NQ)

What to Expect

This may be one of the most stacked lineups from top to bottom in the entire NCAA.

It's enough to compete for an EIWA title against Lehigh and Cornell in the postseason; yet, I don't think it's enough to beat a bonus-scoring Cornell in a dual meet.

If another guy or two, other than Composto, makes the stand then this could be a top 15 team.

Josiah Hritsko

Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling

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