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πŸ’ͺ Mizzou: The Greatest Big 12 Lineup?

published9 months ago
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Is there any greater lineup in the Big 12 than Mizzou?

All 9 NCAA qualifiers are returning, including National Champion Keegan O'Toole. So why else should teams be worried? Let's look. . .

Who's Returning & Leaving?


Again, every single starter is returning. Not even Penn State, Iowa, or Cornell can say that.

While Keegan O'Toole (165) and Rocky Elam (197) have claimed All-American status for the past two seasons, they're going to need some additional help to bump the Tigers to the "next level."

2X NCAA placer Brock Mauller (149) will be back in the lineup after a redshirt year and so will 2021 round of 12 finisher Matthew Schmitt.

🩸 Mizzou's Blood Round Curse


Okay, calling it a "curse" may be going too far. But look at the facts. . . 7 of Mizzou's starters have made the blood round at some point in their careers but not advanced to the placing rounds. If they can get over that hump, then they can realistically go from top 10 team to NCAA-title-contending team.

Top Recruits


Don't expect any top recruits to start in 2022. But with some time training and wrestling opens, they'll be ready to go in a year or two.

Mizzou recruited two top 100 guys in 2021 and three top 100 guys in 2022. The crème de la crème of this bunch is #21 recruit Zeke Seltzer (133), who won three Indiana State titles and went 161-3 in his career.

2023 Lineup Preview

Here's how I expect the team to look in 2023:

  • 125. Noah Surtin (R12)
  • 133. Matthew Schmitt
  • 141. Allan Hart (NQ)
  • 149. Brock Mauller
  • 157. Jarrett Jacques (NQ)
  • 165. Keegan O'Toole (1st)
  • 174. Peyton Mocco (R12)
  • 184. Jeremiah Kent (R16)
  • 197. Rocky Elam (4th)
  • 285. Zach Elam (R12)

What to Expect - Best of Big 12?


I have already previewed Oklahoma State, but I certainly believe Mizzou is the more stacked team. Are they the "top dogs" in the Big 12? Certainly.

While Mizzou struggled in a few duals last season (V. Tech, NC State, SD State, and Iowa State), they bring back more talent than those other squads. On top of that, the amount of talent on Mizzou just waiting to break through gives them an opportunity to score anywhere from 70-90 points (a top 3 finish).

What do you expect to see from the Tigers?

Josiah Hritsko

Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling

P.S. Thanks to Sean Denton, Coach Marvin, and Jackson Mandeville for requesting this lineup.


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