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🚨 Major Upset Alert: Two #1 Guys Lose

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Wow, this was an "upsetting" weekend that certainly shook up the rankings. These are the top stories you may have missed:

  • Story 1: Rough Weekend for Max Dean
  • Story 2: Major Upsets at CKLV
  • Story 3: Spencer Lee is Back!

Rough Weekend for Max Dean

Max Dean entered the weekend as the #1 ranked wrestler at 197 lbs. But, he will lose that top spot after two losses.

He first lost to #12 Ethan Laird (Rider) by a "controversial" takedown in overtime bout (3-1 SV). Then he took a second loss to former Nittany Lion teammate #9 Michael Beard (11-9).

My Take:

Personally, I'm not convinced about the ref's takedown call in overtime. But it doesn't matter because Dean needs to get more offensive. Granted, he opened up against Beard, but he was ready for the battle.

Dean may drop in rankings, but he's still a title contender.

Full dual on FloWrestling.

Wild Upsets at Cliff Keen

There were a significant amount of upsets at the CKLV Invitational. Here's a list of the top 5 upsets:

174. #3 Labriola (NEB) over #2 Lewis (TECH) [3-1 SV]

285. #14 Nevills (SDST) over #1 Schultz (ASU) [5-2]

157. #11 Coleman (PUR) over #3 Lewan (MICH) [9-5]

165. Cook (SDST) over #6 Kharchla (OSU) [FALL]

184. #3 Hidlay (NCST) over #2 Keckeisen (UNI) [8-2]

My Take:

Wow, this season is so unexpected! Can you believe Schultz, Mekhi, and Dean all lost in the same weekend? My favorite match was Trent's win over Keckeisen because he showed that he's gunning for Brooks.

In the team race, Nebraska (1st) crushed it, but NC State (2nd) and SD State (3rd) also had impressive outings.

Full matches on FloWrestling.

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Free the Lee. He's Back!

The Cy-Hawk series was full of surprises, with Iowa winning 18-15.

Spencer Lee wasn't expected to wrestle until the second half of the 2022-23 season, but he debuted with a 16-5 major decision. Here are a few of the other big bouts:

  • 141. Woods (IOWA) over Swiderski (ISU) [4-2]
  • 149. Johnson (ISU) over Murin (IOWA) [3-1 SV]
  • 165. Carr (ISU) over Kennedy (IOWA) [10-4]
  • 197. Bastida (ISU) over Warner (IOWA) [4-3]

My Take:

Iowa State impressed me by keeping this to a close dual. Ultimately, Iowa won because of their bonus points.

I'm sure Spencer's knee will be a battle for him all season, but I was very happy to see him back on the mat for the first time since last December.

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