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How insane has this wrestling been?

published4 months ago
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Have you been watching the NCAA Championships, Reader?

They are absolutely mind-blowing.

David Carr went down. Jaydin Eierman is out. And Michigan is right on Penn State's heels.

Anyways, I wanted to send you a link to the updated semifinals brackets. I also wanted to share my reaction to the quarterfinals, stats on the semifinalists, and team scores. I hope you find this email helpful.

Download updated brackets here.

video preview

Updated Team Scores

  1. Penn State (73 points)
  2. Michigan (62.5 points)
  3. Arizona State (53 points)
  4. Iowa (37.5 points)
  5. NC State (37 points)

Quick Semifinalist Stats

There are 40 total semifinalists.

Pennsylvania has the most (7) out of all states and Penn State has the most out of all schools (6).

By the way, if you still haven't purchased my 65 page Postseason Primer, it's a perfect companion to this event. If you read it, then you know I did predict semifinalist Bryce Andonian as a dark horse. . .

Enjoy the semifinals tonight at 8:00pm EST,

Josiah Hritsko | Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling