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📅 Hayden Hidlay Joins Fanco Live on YouTube

published2 months ago
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I received so much positive feedback from the new email format on Monday, so I'm excited to try out this one too.

I'm planning to do an event preview email every week of the season (if you like it).

Hayden Hidlay Live on Fanco

When: Friday, July 29 at 12:00pm EST

How to Watch: YouTube

I'm hosting Hayden Hidlay live on my YouTube channel to talk about his time at NC State and his upcoming event, Wrangle in the Wild II. You can join us and ask your own questions in the chat.

My Thoughts:

This could be a new direction for my YouTube channel. I'd love for you to join and support the stream.

U17 World Championships

When: July 25-31

How to Watch: FloWrestling

The Cadet World Championships are happening on right now. NE State Champ Joel Adams has already won a Greco Gold Medal. Who's next? The men's freestyle continues today and through the weekend.

My Thoughts:

I typically don't watch much international wrestling, but it's always fun to see which high school recruits make names for themselves at a young age.

What will you be tuning in to watch?

Josiah Hritsko

Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling

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