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🐻 College Wrestlers Survive Bear Attack

published3 months ago
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Maybe you've heard this story about the wrestlers attacked by a grizzly already, but it's too insane not to share again. I present your wrestling headlines:

  • Story 1: Wrestlers Attacked by Bear
  • Story 2: Team USA Takes 3rd at U23s
  • Story 3: Collegiate Duals Pools Revealed

Wrestlers Survive Grizzly Attack

"Bear! Bear!" That's what Brady Lowry yelled when he saw the giant creature running out of the trees in the Shoshone National Forest.

The 8 foot tall, 500 lbs grizzly bear attacked two Northwest College (Wyoming) wrestlers while they were searching for elk antlers. Teammate Kendell Cummings kicked, hit, and wrestled the bear off his friend.

Per ESPN, Cummings said "I could have run and potentially lost a friend or get him off and save him."

After the attack, August Harrison and Orrin Jackson helped their teammates off the mountain to seek medical attention.

You can read the full, detailed story in this ESPN article.

My Take:

While in the Smokey Mountains this year, I saw 25 different bears (from a distance). They are enormous, and I can't even imagine being attacked by one.

These wrestlers weren't looking for trouble, but they stuck together when it found them. I'm glad everyone survived to tell the tale.

Five Wrestlers Medal at U23s

Five college wrestlers medaled in the men's freestyle division of the U23 World Championships while Team USA took 3rd place.

  • 79kg. Carter Starocci (Penn State) - Bronze
  • 86kg. Trent Hidlay (NC State) - Silver
  • 92kg. Jacob Cardenas (Cornell) - Silver
  • 97kg. Tanner Sloan (SD State) - Silver
  • 125kg. Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) - Bronze

Also of note is women's freestyle wrestler Amit Elor. Not only did she win the U23 world title this past week, but she won Junior and Senior Worlds gold medals in 2022.

My Take:

What a dominant year for Team USA across all ages. U23s are fun because we get to see more active college wrestlers competing.

For me it's wild that neither Cardenas and Sloan have placed at NCAAs but are now two of the best in the world at their age/weight.

Collegiate Duals Pools Revealed

Journeyman Wrestling announced pools for the Collegiate Duals on December 19-20 in New Orleans, LA.

Teams in each pool will wrestle on day one to determine placing matchups on day two. Blue and red pools will not mix.

Blue Pool A:

  • Iowa State
  • Cornell
  • Oregon State

Blue Pool B:

  • North Carolina
  • Penn State
  • Central Michigan

Red Pool A:

  • Northern Iowa
  • Ohio State
  • Lock Haven

Red Pool B:

  • NC State
  • Lehigh
  • Cal Poly

My Take:

As usual, I wish pools crossed over. Nonetheless, I'm excited for potential dual matchups like Lehigh vs Cal Poly, Iowa State vs North Carolina, Ohio State vs NC State, and Cornell vs Penn State.

By the way, you can watch this event live on Rokfin.

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What did you think about this week's headlines?

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