Can Michigan Repeat Success or Was 2022 a Fluke?

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The 2022 Michigan Wolverines won Big Tens and finished in 2nd at NCAAs.

Can the team repeat the performance or was it a one-time anomaly?

Bye-Bye Seniors

I wouldn't call 2022 a "fluke"; rather, I would say the stars aligned. With extra eligibility and transfers, Michigan had an all-star squad for #Team100.

Unfortunately, these guys are gone for good:

  • Nick Suriano (125, 1st)
  • Stevan Micic (141)
  • Logan Massa (174, 5th)
  • Patrick Brucki (197)
  • Myles Amine (184, 2nd)

Yikes, that's rough. But don't get down just yet. . .

Who's Returning?

While certain seniors may have "underperformed" because they were too banged up, there were a few guys who exceeded expectations on the team.

Returning to the team are Will Lewan (157), who advanced to the semifinals as the #8 seed and finished 5th; Cam Amine (165), who also made the semis as the #6 seed and finished 4th; and Mason Parris (285), who outplaced his #7 seed in 5th place.

National qualifier Dylan Ragusin (133) is also returning, and don't forget that he made the blood round last year.

Back in the Lineup Again

With the nature of seniors coming back to the lineup last year, certain younger guys lost their starting spots.

Jack Medley (125), Drew Mattin (141), and Jelani Embree (184) are all former NCAA qualifiers who will finally get their chance in the limelight again this season.

Fresh Faces

On top of getting guys back in the lineup, Michigan also has available spots for fresh faces.

At 149, expect to see redshirt freshman Chance Lamer. He was a 4X Oregon State Champ who was the #8 overall recruit in 2021. Lamer had a solid 17-2 redshirt season in 2022 and even won the MSU Open at 141 lbs.

Of course, Lamer will face opposition at 149 from junior Cole Mattin, who started a few matches at the spot last season.

174 lbs will have a fresh face too. It will likely be either junior Max Maylor or sophomore Joseph Walker. Both have started at various points in their careers, yet Walker holds a win over Maylor (10-7) at the 2022 Edinboro Open.

Also, senior JT Correll and junior Bobby Striggow will wrestle off for a starting spot at 197 lbs.

2023 Lineup Preview

Here's how I expect Michigan to look in 2023.

125. Jack Medley

133. Dylan Ragusin (Round 12)

141. Drew Mattin

149. Chance Lamer

157. Will Lewan (5th)

165. Cam Amine (4th)

174. Joseph Walker

184. Jelani Embree

197. Bobby Striggow / JT Correll

285. Mason Parris (5th)

What to Expect

With the loss of so much talent, Wolverine fans may not expect to see the same dominant performance in 2023.

However, Michigan definitely found ways to turn it up in the 2022 postseason. Perhaps we could see a few more surprises. . .

Based on FloWrestling rankings, Michigan is still a top 10 team.

They have two guys who can realistically make the NCAA finals and a few probables to get onto the podium. Don't expect them to beat Iowa or Penn State in a dual meet, but they could be competitive in the postseason.

Look for Michigan to score around 70 points and finish right outside of the top 5.

If you're a Michigan fan, please reply to this email and let me know how you think the team will perform.

Josiah Hritsko

Wrestling Fan & Founder of Fanco Wrestling

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